Weekend Shots

When you think about Tahoe in the winter, snowboarding and skiing, and just plain snow, come to mind. Well I dont really do either, anything attached to my feet, except shoes. So instead I did a guest spot at my friends tattoo shop, Lake Monster. Owner Reed and Narissa. Let me tell you about tattoo shops, usually lightweight dirty. This space was one of the cleanest spots I've ever been in, OCD at its finest. They never told me how busy it gets, on a saturday, so I found out. I tattooed all walk ins, Waikiki steeze... a micro butterfly, a horse with tribal? Praying hands with a cross behind it , and a Cherry Creek dragon. I haven't done a marathon like that in a while. Good Fun and a place I can definitly tattoo at again. 

Welcome Kanoa Makai Helm.
The newest member of the Helm family.

Some people do art, paint, fix cars...James makes knives...
All handmade and Custom for you...

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