In around town!

Events around town. This Saturday our good friends over at Clout will be having a in-store meet and greet with the one and only DEL the funky homosapien, Motion man and Dj D-styles. 

Each guest will receive a free limited edition poster of DEL by photographer Phil Emerson. A limited edition CLOUT x DEL t-shirt will be available for purchase as well as exclusive CLOUT fitteds and tees in our showroom. This is an all ages event that will be taking place from 2-6 PM on August 28th. 

San Jose, CA 95112

Located in the same business park is Shorty FatzBG Concepts, and Gordon Biersch.

Come through and hang out!


From the Golden West to the Aloha State: Cukui X FITTED

Cukui had the opportunity of releasing two collaboration shirts with FITTED from Hawaii, along with their newly released FITTED all black Chee-hu snapbacks with a grey underside. The black/yellow Native Sons of the Aloha State tees are exclusively sold in store only.



Customers of the WEEK!

Cukui has survived its first week since the grand opening, and one of the things we never expected was the incredible amount of love and support from family, friends, colleagues and our japantown neighbors! Here's a few memorable customers from this past week...

Kid Rainen from Jabbawockeez got inked by Orly and picked up a few Cukui shirts.
A visit from Phi, another Jabbawockee. Hangin out with Nick from FingerBangerz. Twice in one day. Really, what are the chances?!?
Steve Caballero, legendary pro skater, wearing the Cukui CHOMP shirt.
If you're a frequent japantown junkie, then you probably know who Sybil is and her pet Sammy. Sammy made a doo-doo on our floor, but all good... nothing a paper towel can't fix.
Balancing a Goorin Brothers Fedora on your nose is way more cooler than wearing it on your head. Oscar from Ringling Brothers was on tour in San Jose and decided to stop by Cukui while strolling through the neighborhood.
Cukui Mang!

- meesh -


New shirt Saturday!

This saturday (8/28) we will be releasing 2 NEW designs. The El Bandito and Cukui Served Daily t-shirts. Very limited quantities available!

Going Bananas for Bandanas

Facebook really does have its perks. And if you were FB Friends with Orly, then you would've heard about the drop of the new Cukui Bandanas this morning. But no worries, because it's not too late! We have a couple more left in store only. Cheeeeee! 

Magic 2010.

Just got back from Magic Tradeshow yesterday. 106 degrees filled the hot humid air. It was great seeing, friends and family here. Enjoy the pictures!

AWR Crew blessing the SLATE walls.
Brooklyn Circus, Showcasing at Project 10. 
The man of the hour. Our good friend Calvin (Brooklyn Circus) and Dan Diggity


Thanks to you all!

2 days before opening. It was a very stress filled day, we had a plumbing problem, so we swapped out the toilet for a new one, last minute touch ups, painting the whole shop, make sure all the inventory was logged in on the computer...set up the back so it will be easier to find items, and make a last minute run of shirts for the opening...There was much more but I think I just blocked it out.

The turnout was memorable, 450 plus people came out and  showed their love. We had adoboman out there giving out sliders and tacos, Treatbot slangin' the addictive ice cream.

Music was provided by DJ Sig-O, Shortcut and D-Styles. Just want to say thanks to all that made it out, I was running around so much that if I didnt get a chance to say hello and thank you.

Life was at a new turning point for all of us at Cukui, Jae, meesh, Gen, Sam, Dan, Isaac, Los, Niel, Don, basically all my friends and fam that helped out, it was a joyous day. A new page to write in the sketchbook.

So once again, thank you and I cant wait for all of us to see where our next step is going to be...Orly

229 Jackson Street
San Jose, CA 95112

Pictures via Soulfulfocus.com & Charles A. Shaw.