Cukui Photoshoot Part 1

Catalogue Preview

Photo Shoot


Good times!

going to be posting the new pics for the lookbook, keep you posted...


On the road again...

Off to see the family in hawaii and too start on the photo shoot for the lookbook and the
catalog. See you in a couple days, shoots!


first chapter

   Finally, we are almost there. The line is going to launch and we are getting ready 
for the november first launch party. got dj d-styles showcasing, bgconcepts 
putting up the venue spot and the shirt printing. music food, and all that.
We will be posting up the flyer soon, look out for that......peace and Blessings ....


balinese life

Traveling always opens a new part in my soul and sparks up new ideas and to refresh your life as a whole. Thanks meeshy for planning the whole excursion.  i had the time of my life. mahal kita