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Gallery of the day! The Culture Connect..Works Gallery (San Jose, CA)

Works Gallery
451 South 1st Street.
San Jose, CA
Swipe. HB

Cory GoodMorning. Death before dishonor.


Can't tell me nothing.

Shop of the day! Concepts is a boutique specializing in carefully curated quality product from multiple genres presented in an absolute unique retail space. Concepts was established in 1996 in the heart of Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as one of the first shops to cater to the lifestyle market. Concepts is considered a founding father in retail, having lay down the blueprint to a market that has become the foundation of premium retailers around the world. The lower level hosts an invite-only membership lounge in reference to Harvard Square’s secret societies focused on an affinity for exclusive products.


The hundreds lifestyle.


City of sin.

Magic Tradeshow, Las Vegas. After 3 days of constant jackpot ringing noises, smoke filled casinos and abused livers, we made it back home. Thanks to DeeJae and DanDiggity for all the hard work. 2010 will be a very prosperous year..
Seventh Letter Booth.

Cold Spitting.

Come by this friday (2/26) to South First Billiards in San Jose, CA. We will be vending t-shirts with Clout and Debug Magazine, come by and say whatup.


RJD2 "The Glow" [video]

New video from RJD2’s latest album, The Colossus.


Killing them with kindness.

Pick up the new refused art magazine. Featuring some work from swipe..

Straight no chaser..

Website of the day! Blindiforthekids.com. Relying on your neighbor's old ipod playlist? We have a website that needs no introduction...whattup Noah and Dandiggity!


Like a thief in the night.

Next season drop! Say hello to the person behind the camera. His name is James, visit him here. Home of the creative vision..



Stealing the spotlight.

Decided to take a different route from the norm. Meet Dj Qbert, Mozart to some people.. Others believe that he is the best scratching Dj that ever lived. About 30 miles north from our hometown is San Mateo, home to Atlas skateboard shop and the infamous Turf (whattup bryan!) now is a stomping ground to the Thud Rumble Gallery.

Check it.


Thud Rumble Gallery
227 South B Street
San Mateo, CA 94440

Aloha served daily.

The giant meets montez.


Mi vida loca.

Shop of the day! Back in March of 2009, Mishka opened their flagship store in the heart of burgeoning South Williamsburg, NYC. Since then Mishka’s digs have at times hosted a variety of activities including art shows, various parties, crazy sample sales, celebrity drop-ins, and bitter impromptu Street Fighter 2 competitions. Exactly 344 days after, Mishka will be opening their sister store in Los Angeles and they hope to accomplish in Echo Park what 350 Broadway did in Brooklyn. Mishka LA will open its doors at 1547 Echo Park Blvd. on February 20th with a clear mission to be a part of the growing transformation of the Echo Park neighborhood.
Coming to your area

Slate Magic Tradeshow - Las Vegas, NV


The City.

Gallery of the day! Today we took a trip to the city by the bay, San Francisco. Fifty24SF Presents - David Choe: "Character Assassination". The gallery will be open from Feb 5th-March 27th...Enjoy!



What's the status?

With their same edgy vibe that has often been personified by their iconic offerings in the past, Rogue Status give us a glimpse into their 2010 fall collection. Utilizing certain trademark touches, the collection revolves predominately around jackets and hoodies. Look for the collection to hit retailers in late summer.


Overcast, slightly cloudy..

In around town. Here is what is happening in our neck of the woods..


Well satisfied customer, Mr. shorty fatz.