The get down.

The Art of war, successful event thrown by bobbi vie of the headhunters crew. Opened its eyes to the blind and unplugged the ears to the closed minded. Breakdancing is a dance form, like any other hiphop element it takes alot of skill and dedication. Shout out to the clout fam, breezy excursion, fully laced, suhreal clothing, Halloway and the fingerbangerz crew.

Pics via Jmpgraphy

Alife like no other.

Shop of the day! ALIFE. The Rivington Club first opened its doors in September 2001 as the first of its kind purveyor of quality footwear. Offering exclusive sneakers in a lush, inviting, environment to a rapidly growing base of savvy shoe shoppers. Located on Rivington Street in Manhattans Lower East Side the Rivington Club has established itself as a destination in one of downtown New York's most exciting and relevant neighborhoods...Forgetaboutit!


Van city.

Out with the old and in with the new..The Vans drops some new two-tone colors of their popular Era. The CA collection features a handful of different colors, the two-tone aspect is more apparent in some styles as some incorporate the contrasted use of materials to achieve a more understated two-tone effect..A must have for the summer!


Black Scale.

Amongst the highlights of the Agenda Tradeshow was Black Scale’s break out of the t-shirt mold into a full range of cut-and-sew company. The line continues its emergence with dark color tones amongst their signature aesthetic, working off clean-cut graphics and premium cuts. Spring 2010 will also make room for an expanding range of headwear, including beanies, fedoras, and the introduction of their 7-panel snap-back, which should make some noise upon its release.

live via hypebeast.


Come get some!

Art of war t-shirts. Cukui X Headhunters limited edition t-shirt!

Sam of shortyfatz always on point with the timeless artwork. Orly on the script on the back.

The Giant.

Clothing line of the day! Rebel 8. Founded in 2003, REBEL8 is a San Francisco streetwear company with deep roots in skateboard, graffiti, and tattoo cultures.

Joshy D. and Mike Giant met in the late 1990’s in San Francisco’s then bustling graffiti scene. Josh ran the popular graffiti website, HiFiArt, and Mike was one of the city’s most notorious writers. Years later, and having had some experience with a previous clothing venture, Josh approached Mike about creating a handful of t-shirt graphics. Mike agreed, and a small batch of shirts was made. Josh sold those shirts out of a messenger bag around the city, and REBEL8 was born.

Today, Joshy D. runs the business and Mike Giant sees to the art as REBEL8 finds itself growing in many creative directions at once. Now an internationally recognizable brand, REBEL8 is still committed to the communities from which it comes, and strives to reinforce its unique lifestyle with every product.

Every REBEL8 graphic by Mike Giant is hand-illustrated. Unlike most clothing graphics, which are created by digitizing the original artwork into vector format, Mike’s graphics are exact reproductions of his original art. No part of the original inked line is compromised in this process, lending an edge of authenticity seldom seen in today’s mass-produced market.

Heavy hand illustrated art that cant be imitated, Check it out!



Heivai Reno!

This weekend. Pacific Exchange Productions and the Silver Legacy Resort Casino presents PACIFIC ISLAND FESTIVAL of RENO in "The Biggest Little City in the World" , July 24-26. This 3-day event will be part of the month long event ARTown which will be open FREE to the public filled with main stage entertainment, arts & craft booths, food booths as well as featuring Heiva i Reno Tahitian Dance Competition. We will have the new t-shirts as well as new humble beginnings t-shirts, get yours!

Pacific Island Festival of Reno
Silver Legacy Resort Casino
497 N. Virgina Street
Reno, NV 89501

The Art of War T-Shirts

Recent collabo with the Headhunters crew (San Jose). Check the t-shirt that will drop this weekend. Make sure to get yours.. Limited Quantities!

The Art of War
San Jose's 8th Annual Largest Bboy/Bgirl Event
Independence High School, San Jose, CA
July 25th, 2009

Roll around in style.

Big surprise out of erik otto studios, check out the messenger bag from Jansport. This artist-series bag collection sold in stores nationwide.



Self defined.

Ringing in their Fall season, Nike Sportswear unveils a plethora of different items through their Fall 2009 lookbook. Staple garments from their collections can be seen, including a wide array of Air Max styles, hybrids, and artist series apparel from the likes of Parra, Grotesk, Mark Ward, and Cassette Playa. Other highlights include new looks into their higher end Pinnacle Collection boasting premium technical garments, including their Flywire-infused pieces. Most of the lineup is now available at select Nike Sportswear retail outlets worldwide..Nike has really stepped up its game!


Hot off the press.


Looped Magazine. Japan steez.

Ferrer on the cover rocking the moana tshirt..Congrats homie! www.loopedmagazine.jp


Leilow Hawaii x Stussy.

Stussy hook up'd with Leilow Hawaii on a special set of items, including a t-shirt featuring a tiki skull graphic alongside a fitted cap and trucker, both revolving around the same cultural theme. A release is slated for Friday July 24th, 2009 at Stussy Web and Chapter stores. Very nice colorway, recommended!


Official like a referee..


The stealing crook

Clothing line of the day! Crooks & Castles..From the robber barons of the early times like the vanderbilts, the rockefellers, the carnegies to the modern day billionaires - Bill Gates & Microsoft. Those who stopped at nothing to get their "Castle". We too hope one day to be the next rich crook. In some of our designs you might see a familiar icon or logo that we took (stole) and gave it our own twist. We felt that some high fashion brands only catered to someone in a certain lifestyle or with a rather large bank account. Therefore we took what they made and crafted it to fit ours..dope designs, check them out!



Days gone by..

Everyone at cukui wants to thank you for the support!

Japanese street swag.

Known for their unorthodox design methods, Japanese streetwear label swagger unveil yet another interesting product from their 10th Anniversary Collection, this time designed alongside Leilow Hawaii. Both entities create a feather all-over print motif, worked up on the staple New Era fitted platform, in a satin brown finish.



Often duplicated never replicated.

North Shore, Hawaii..Known for ocean waves stronger than mike tyson at his prime, semi-warm ocean water and giovanni's shrimp truck!

The food spot of the day!, Giovanni's Shrimp Truck, A white van filled with unfamiliar tags from people spanning the world. eat what the locals eat, shrimp scampi at its finest.