Friday Teaser.

Friday night special. Punk Drunkers x Cukui apparel ready for tomorrow..

The city.

Store of the day..SFC! Fulfilling the need for a legitimate consignment store in the Bay Area, Kyle Eads set out to create SFC, a one-stop shop for all your rare sneaker needs. Located in San Francisco’s streetwear central, the shop carries a wide array of consignment kicks, along with a selection of apparel and headwear. Further information as well as product updates are now live via the store’s blog.

442 Haight Street.
San Francisco, CA 94117


Spirit of Japantown Festival

Cukui / ShortyFatz / Humble Beginnings Tattoo booth this Saturday!

The Spirit of Japantown Festival
Saturday, October 1, 2010
10am - 5pm

7 Blocks of Food, Fun and Entertainment!
  • Main Stage: San Jose Taiko
  • Kids Zone: Story Telling, Jr. National Champion Fencing, Carnival Games, Balloon Sculpture
  • Hawaii Live: Halau Na Wai Ola, Ukulele Jams, WUMC Ukulele Band, and many more performances
  • Martial Arts: Kendo, sword demonstrations, karate, aikido, judo
  • FanimeCon: Anime screenings in two rooms (content determined by age group), MAID CAFE - Akihabara style!
  • Car Exhibition: Including imports, classics, bikes and more
  • New Attractions: Beer Garden, Treatbot (Karaoke Ice Cream Truck) and Japantown Idol
  • Silent Auction: There will be many wonderful items available in the silent auction. The end times for the various sections of the auctions will be 1PM, 3PM and 4:30 PM. Come by and bid early and often!
For more info, visit:

Releasing This Friday: Cukui x Punk Drunker Tees and Bomber Jackets

This Friday! Cukui is more than excited to welcome our friends from Tokyo, the PUNK DRUNKERS! Since '98, these guys have been killing it in Japan with their fresh punk rock style doin collabo's with Trasher, Dickies, Hello Kitty, Invisible Stripes and Koncious Klothing. Did I mention that they did a collabo shirt with HELLO KITTY?!? Who says Hello Kitty is only a female thing? Uncool is definitely the new cool. 

PKDS made their first debut in the U.S. in Dec '09 in SF and are thrilled to open their first pop-up shop EVER in the U.S. this Friday, here at Cukui in Japantown San Jose. A limited collection from the PKDS   line will be available at the Cukui store throughout the month of October, including new Cukui x Punk Drunker tees and bomber jackets (see pics below).

Punk Drunkers Pop Up Store Reception Party


7:00PM – 10:00PM
Reception Party
Cukui Flagship Store
229 Jackson St.
San Jose, CA 95112

Live Set: Dave Dub & Sutter Cain Gang
DJ: World Famous D-Styles from Beat Junkies, Invisible Scratch Picklz

10:00PM - 2:00AM
After Party
Fahrenheit Lounge
99 East San Fernando Street 
San Jose, CA 95113

Watch out for the PKDS Shark!

= meesh =

Burning the candle at both ends.

For anyone who missed out on the last months t-shirt run you are in luck, reprints are now in stock. Limited quantities available at the Cukui Store!

Lucky Cat
Colors: Black, White, Green

Women's Lucky Cat Tees
Colors: Black, Grey

Brush Tag
Colors: Black/Teal, Navy/White, White/Black

Colors: Black/Orange, Black/White, White Black

Pho Life
Colors: Black, White, Green

Women's Hokusai Tees
Colors: Black, White

Women's Hokusai Oversize Tees
Colors: Black, Navy




Punk Drunkers invade SAN JOSE! Punk Drunkers (www.punk-d.com) was founded in Sendagaya, Tokyo in 1998. For the past ten years they have kept to their philosophies. Never becoming stagnate and falling behind, and always embracing originality. Their brand concept mixes Japanese culture with western influences, which always creates a unique approach and original designs. It’s no wonder Punk Drunkers has been successful for the past ten years they’ve been around.

Cukui will be hosting a month long pop-up shop. Be on the lookout for the Cukui x Punk Drunkers collaboration T-shirt and Bomber Jacket!

229 Jackson Street
San Jose, CA 95112
October 1st, 2010

Live set: Dave Dub & Sutter Cain Gang
DJ live set from World famous D-styles from the Beat Junkies, Invisible Skratch Piklz.


Cukui X Hugo.

From one fated meeting the individuals who made up the Cukui Project were not sure what would come out of their efforts. Yet they saw that this gathering of artists and dreamers would in the end produce something worthwhile, and life changing. Like a prism each angle produces a different vision of sight and color. Witness as each artist shares their insight and collected understanding of what makes this project much more than a job, but rather a gathering of tribes and kindred spirits. 

The Cukui Project from beginning to end shot and directed by James McCloud.

Burning Bridges.

Clothing line of the day! Today we are visiting the good friends at The Hundreds. Bold Graphics, Sweaters and Accessories. Check out the video below..


New Products Available!

Saturday Drop! Today we have Cukui Bandanas, New Chomp crewneck sweaters and Beanies. Just in time for the Winter.


Calm during the storm..

Staying connected with us. Follow us for any updates, in-store new releases, or latest shenanigans.


Rooftop Sessions.

Photoshoot for the Fall/Winter Collection. Special thanks to Luis at Hypebeast, Ferrer, Rey Res, Marcus, Nima, James McCloud, Deejae. Stay in tuned for more to come!



This past Friday's Chomp event was a great ending to summer 2010. There was much to inhale and exhale since we opened our store a little less than a month ago. A big part of Cukui couldn't have been possible without our family from Humble Beginnings Tattoo Studio. The inspiration, the support, and the foundation that has grown from this shop is only part of what makes Cukui.... Cukui.

Along with the release of our new "Chomp" shirt, our humble brethren's and extended hb fam exhibited their version of a shark. Most of the artwork was for sale and customer's were eager to get these in their own hands. The showcase also featured one of twelve sharks that was exhibited in 2001 by a city sponsored event called SharkByte. The six-foot "sushi shark" that sits in front of our store was made by artist D. Wright. This piece of history happened to be tucked away in the back of our store for the last few years before we moved in. Nonetheless, we were pretty stoked to find something as cool and unique here.

Thanks to everyone that came out to support, especially to SmoovGroovs for providing the music. The Chomp show will only be up for the next couple of weeks (until October 1st), so make sure to check it out soon.
"San Jose Tribal Shark"
Limited Prints For Sale

"Teal Town"
Roberto Cervantes
Limited Prints For Sale





Chris Gonzales

Blake Brand



Chris Gonzales + Los

Steve Caballero


Cory Good Morning

Roberto Cervantes

Abraham Ortega

Dee Jae Pa'este


Steve Caballero with his son Caleb



New Labor Day T-Shirts Available!

Happy Labor Day Weekend! New Cukui T-shirts sold exclusively in store only, Carpe Diem V-neck, Hokusai Shark Tees (White/Black and newly released Black/Teal) and the Savages of the Pacific Rim. Limited availability be the first to pick it up!


Kava Roots

Sharing a bowl of kava cements friendships and settles unrest. It is a sign of welcome and peace. After a long day of tattooing, my wifey and i drove to Martinez to hang out with some friends from Hawaii. J-Boog, Skew from Wash House, and Aisea from Soul Signature Tattoo and some fam and friends came out to support Ata before the start of his traditional Tongan peka tattoo.

photos by orly and meesh