Dime a dozen.

Shop of the day. 5&A Dime. Located in sunny San Diego serving urban/streetwear clothing, kicks and accessories. Dope in-house brand, Nice theme, great quality. Recommended boutique in San Diego..

CUKUI now selling in 5&ADIME. Special shout out to Jay Dread!

701 8th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

San Diego!

PIFA Festival, San Diego. 8 Gruesome hours of endless highways, cheap chevron snacks and empty red bull drinks we finally made it to sunny san diego. What up to mark of the four waves crew and Robin from proper etiquette.  Let the pictures do the speaking.

Addicted to the throne.

New T-shirts from the HB camp. Humble Beginnings X CUKUI Collabo T-shirt, never compromising in weak designs. Get yours!



Since In4mation opened its first retail store in 2002, they have established themselves as Hawaii’s premiere retailers of skate and streetwear. Their collective knowledge of business, style and design led to a successful t-shirt line that has since been offered to select locations throughout the world. Adding another store under there belt, they decided to open a location in the Pearlridge center store, hawaii..check it out!


Street Lounge. Japan.

Shop of the day! Street Lounge. It is located in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture, Oaza Daikanchō. Try saying that in one breath, cause cukui is now selling in Japan! What up DeeJae and Akira..



Shoes of the day! Crushing Taylor Swift's dreams at the VMA's is typical.. Redeeming himself, Kanye just put up a Nike Air Yeezy Auction for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. This off two one-of-a-kind pairs of his signature Air Yeezy, with all of the proceeds benefiting the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

One pair features a black leather upper and Jordan VI bottom, the first and only time the shoe will be made available with a Jumpman logo, and the other pair is THE Air Yeezy that Kanye worn on The 50th Annual Grammy Awards.

If you want to participate, make sure to get some cash ready. One of the auctions is at 7400 USD now, the other one at 16300 USD. Forgiven, maybe this time..


The man, the myth, the legend.

Bodega Boston meets mark bode. Always give back to the community, keeping the culture alive through graff..

Goorin Bros fedora.

The legacy of Goorin Brothers is one that follows a timeless approach to the art of hat making. In its fourth generation of leadership Goorin Brothers continues the tradition of authentic family craftsmanship and is supported by a team of individuals who share the same passion for the cultural, artistic and hands on approach to this century old brand.

Goorin offers timeless, classic styles with a unique flare and personality hats that allow you to make a statement without having to say a word.

Spring 2010.. Its coming..Humble Beginnings/CUKUI Goorin Bros Fedora.


one and twos.

Behind the emcee, the Bboy is the Disk Jockey. Roc Raida and DJ AM, two well respected DJ's known in the music scene. Growing up to DMC videos, turntable TV footage, these two influenced everyone and anyone in the music industry. RIP Dj Roc Raida and DJ AM..


Los Angeles Area.

If you are ever in the Los Angeles area swing by El Mercado. They are located at 5287 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019. They just picked up the new fall 2009 season.. What up Ian!



Shorty Fatz..Lowrider Arcade 2

Frisco. Fog City. Sucka Free. City by the bay, also known as San Francisco will be hosting the Lowrider Arcade 2. The Shorty Fatz team has done it again. Lowrider bike competition, Bboy showcase by bobbie vie and nasssty ray and live graff by Clout Mag. Come out support, the fam..A day not to be missed.

Lowrider Arcade 2.
Cow Palace
Saturday Nov. 21st, 2009

Gastown. Vancouver BC.

Vancity! Livestock Block party 2009. The folks over in vancouver just threw a massive block party in a eclectic district called the gastown. Over 5000+ people showed up and there was a massive list of famous djs and sponsors (the Hundreds, Keep, Puma and G-Shock).

Pics via Hypebeast. Enjoy.


Three days of constant buzzing at your ears, its like the sound of bees trying to get your attention. Humble beginnings. Soul signature hawaii. Book your appointments now.



Velodrome trick riding.

SJFixed. This is how our hometown gets down. san jose riding.

Creativity at a stand still?

Time and time we come to the conclusion that some designers either progress or stand still. Take a peek at the new Jordans called the Spizikes Mars. They take the best of two things and combine them to one. Take it as is, a creative design or did they run out of ideas. You make the decision.

Island Roots..

San Diego PIFA..Sept 26-27 We will be at the San Diego Pacific Islanders Festival. Expect new tribal designs, Our new holiday lineup including sweaters and hoodies and female tshirts. See you soon!



Rebel8, You can never go wrong with a wallet that looks great on the outside and fully functional on the inside. Stop abusing your lighter and get a real bottle opener.



Thinking outside the box.

Art & Sole. San Jose. The premise is to showcase the talent and creativity of local artists using shoes as their canvas. We hope to accomplish two visions from Art & Sole; to establish a network of fundraising events for charities, and to bring awareness to local artists. The affluent young and hip audience we hope to attract will also realize, through Art & Sole, that the city renowned for being the capital of Silicon Valley is also a growing haven for art and culture.

Check it.. sjfam.com


Clout meets Todd Bratrud.

Clout has teamed up with Burlesque Design to release a 10 color limited edition print. Only limited to 250 prints. Get yours before you are left in the dust..


Manifest Hawaii..

About 2413 Miles away from our hometown (San Jose,CA) is a lovely place called Manifest.

Manifest is located on Hotel Street, the historical spine of Chinatown. The modern coffee shop by day offers a place for downtowners to network with one another and recharge themselves for the remaining light hours. By sundown the Manifest slips itself into a culturally sophisticated cocktail bar which is also arranged as a venue for artists of ‘all art mediums’. With the positive support of the community, the Manifest is the sign of exciting and progressive things to come to Honolulu and to the rest of Hawaii.

Some buzz around this gallery bar has brought alot of attention. 1st Friday, featuring nonetheless Mandy Garcia, Lucky Olelo, and Jessico Serano.

Check out the flix below, enjoy..


Restock! Come get yours.

Due to high demand, headhunters x cukui collabo in now in stock!