Hawaiian-based Morals Fibers teamed-up with local tattoo artist Lucky Olelo to create the Tako t-shirt as part of MF’s newest capsule. Serving as both brand and screen shop, a background into Morals Fibers’ t-shirt screening process is represented in this video. The brand which was originally founded in 2000 by Kyle Ito but has since re-emerged tahnks to the help of Aloha Fixed’s Ryan Lau and the aforementioned Lucky Olelo.


Design and Development.

The flagship store is coming together nicely..Taking one step at a time.

Pictures via 

Serving the masses.

Subzero Festival! The Shorty Fatz team will be showcasing there signature bikes, painting live, djing, and releasing some new limited edition Tees!! 
Make sure to come by, say watup. 

June 4th, 2010
SoFA district in downtown San Jose.



The process has begun...

For more check Hugos Blog...


Mock ups and Ideas...

Today was another gloomy day here in the bay. Hugo recycled some of the 
old wood to mock up the benches, the counter top and the display case to give a feeling of the space that will be used. It was good to get a rough look at what it will sort of look like. Time to do the fabrication, and wood work...we will keep you posted,  and also let you know the opening date...for our flagship store..


Tenderloin project.

Video of the day. Presenting itself as a collaboration combining socio-economic issues together with fashion, The Tenderloin x Black Scale collection recently enjoyed an opening at the Black Scale store in San Francisco to further highlight the project.

Having recently released the 2nd part to the collection, the event included an in-depth perspective into The Tenderloin Project from organizer and photographer Sean Desmond. The Tenderloin Project was launched back in 2009 as Desmond look to highlight the unfortunate and marginalized living within San Francisco’s Tenderloin district.


Session one...Inspiration

Inspiration. The first stage is in motion and the plans are drawn up and the stress from my shoulders have been lifted. All I gotta say is, Hugo Mccloud...His works and his balance with all the materials used in his builds are some things I would have never thought of. Basic elemental concepts mixed with simplicity and modern contemporary. The foundation is set and now its time to build...

New Shirts Available!

New T-shirts available at our online shop, come get it!


Fades,Tapers, and Razor Laser Lines!!

The San Mateo Zoo is a barber shop/independent hip hop record store located at 1226 South El Camino Real @ 13th Ave San Mateo CA. 94402 ran by Shane Nesbitt and Mike Shimizu. They offer the tightest fades, tapers, beard trims, straight razor linings and basic cuts in the Bay Area. The Zoo carries CDs/vinyl, apparel, graf supplies, DVDs and much more!

For appointments, please contact: 650-638-1624 
Shane - kegsone@tmail.com 
 Carlo - japinoloson3@hotmail.com
James - jaybars@gmail.com 
Jeremy - jrsarmiento@msn.com 
Shop hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am to 6pm 

Also be sure to go to our retail website www.sofarwest.net for the dopest underground hip hop needs.


daily doses...


Amidst the Hype.

Empire Seven Studios! June 11th,  Come out and support Abraham Menor, He will be showcasing the "Amidst the Hype" gallery. Show some support and come by!

Amidst the Hype
June 11th 2010 - 8pm - 12am
525 N. 7th Street
San Jose, CA 95112

Turtle is my homeboy?

Turtle is my homeboy benefit party! Last weekend we threw a party at BG Concepts to help out our shop dog Turtle. Thanks to everyone that came out..

Pics via Charles Shaw.

Cast away the clouds..

Nike meets Mr. Cartoon. Today we will take a stroll to the windy city. Lets take the opportunity to spend some time in Chicago with Nike Sportswear and Mr. Cartoon as they celebrated the launch of the brand’s collaborative capsule for the 2010 World Cup.

Amongst other topics, the Los Angeles-based tattoo artist/designer spoke of the importance of representing the USA with his artwork and giving back to young artists and creatives alike. We also get a peek into the new gallery/retail space between NSW and St. Alfreds. What's good Krabby!


Cukui Presents: Old rust new bang!

Plug of the day! Long time friend Rey Resurreccion just released his long awaited music video spaceships. Don't miss out T-shirt & Download music card (Old rust new bang mixtape).


Keeping on the Path...

Keeping on the path. Its funny how things in your life turn out sometimes. Its really funny how cukui came about. It all started with a bike idea, I wanted to  get into another venture, another way to express my ideas, whether it be on  bikes, cars , or clothes, I needed another outlet..

14 years I have been in this tattoo hustle, tattooing from west side Chicago, crazy Waikiki, to New Zealand, and recently home of the headhunter, Borneo. I figure I cant tattoo forever, my canvas that is living tissue only lasts for a lifetime. I needed to make another mark.. A way that I still can hit the masses and keep our art runnin'..

 Its only been a couple years since the birth of the brand, and it has come so far. I wasnt really sure where it was headed, and now I can see partially into the windows future. San Jose has always been home to me, from all points. Its where cukui was born...now this little beast has a new home....Historic San Jose Japantown, we just signed and we are going to start the buildout. Its a humble start, 700 square feet, across Hukilau and next to State of Grace...Time to make moves and time to rep where we came from and where WE are headed. 
Much respect and Love to the folks that are involved in making Cukui what it is. In one simple and foundational word...