The Homie Aaron De la Cruz.

Life here at cukui...

Much respect to Rey Resurreccion for shooting part of the video here at the Cukui store. With the direction and cinematography from  Marco Bercasio this teaser is looking to be a hit.

2010 State Of Grace Tattoo Convention, we were glad to meet this lil guy. 
We forget his name but he stole the show! 


Big ups! Shorty Fatz

Some shots of my series 8 from Shorty Fats


New Release Friday.

New Release Friday! This friday (12/10) don't miss out on our new releases. The Native Sons of the Aloha State (Cukui x Fitted) Collaboration t-shirt and Fitted Aloha hat (Fleece / Velour material). Smoking Girl T-shirt, Cukuiba and Cukui Logo crewneck sweater. Very limited quantities!


Werehaus presents: Cukui - Rooted.

Special shout out to the good friends at Werehaus. Check out the video below. Enjoy!

Stay Rooted from The WereHaus™ on Vimeo.


Bambu "Native Guns"

Photo of the day! Much Respect to Bambu rockin' the Barber Shop Tee. Always had mad respect for this emcee from Los Angeles, stemming from Native Guns. Check out his website. http://bamburants.blogspot.com.