Random pic of the day! Dunkxchange sf.

1st love.

Some people collect stamps, classic cars and even tattoos. But our love for shoes will never die. Inspired by images of 80’s-era skate videos featuring skate sessions on cars, Jon Humphries conceptualized the scene for Nike SB’s Custom Series Volume 3. The roster of skaters for the series were each given free reign on the colorway design of their own sneaker which included Daryl Angel (Dunk Low Premium SB), Clark Hassler (Blazer Low Hybrid Premium), Justin Brock (Dunk Mid Premium SB) and Grant Taylor (Blazer SB Elite). Each skater will also see a t-shirt release alongside the shoes with releases starting in March with Angel and Hassler and ending in April with Brock and Taylor..Shout out to Daryl Angel.



Humble Beginnings tattoo studio
1421 W San Carlos St
San Jose, CA 95126

2008 BEST OF SILICON VALLEY Reader Survey Winner

Best Tattoo Parlor

Now located at a bigger and better location on San Carlos Street, Humble Beginnings will ink you up with positive vibes. All you have to do is make an appointment with Orly, Cory, Tobias, Swype, Sefa or Blake.

-- Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper


Well connected.

Meet the guys at plstk. Infamous for there shoe game, a clean approach to quality kicks.


Before cars there were bikes..

Lets visit the fixed gear bike scene out there in New York..


Limited Quantity Sneaks..

Who says the shoe game died? The DunkXchange will be coming back to the Bay Area on Feb 28th. The time will be from 1pm to 5pm. The admission will be $11 bucks and with entrance fee you will receive a raffle ticket to win a pair of limited edition sneakers.

The event location is Club City Nights 715 Harrison St San Francisco CA.

Come by and get a shirt!! Limited quantity on hand before we release the next season.

AZ Fest : March 13th-15th

Aloha.. We will be at Arizona aloha festival on March 13th-15th. A celebration of the Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures held each year in Phoenix, AZ. Come by and say wassup. Cukui / Humble Beginnings will be selling apparel, custom slip-on vans and accessories..



House of Commons!

Shop of tha day! House of Commons.. Located in the Green Valley area of Las Vegas, Nevada, House of Commons strictly carries and supports independent clothing and novelties by both brands and artists.

The storefront represents both their passion and interest for street culture and the diverse and cultural community of Las Vegas. Brands such as Benny Gold, Penfield, Official, Fatlace, The Hundreds and Rogue Status grace the shop’s retail space. On your next weekender to Sin City, make sure to take a detour off the strip to visit the guys at House of Commons. Stop by and say watup to Joe & Saskia, watch out for the collabo tee soon.



Big Ups! Rik Cordero

1. Craftiness - Rik Cordero and his company, Three/21 Media, have earned their reputation by making something out of nothing. While yesteryear's high-profile music video directors (i.e. Hype Williams, Little X, etc.) were known for their extravagant, larger-than-life videos, Cordero's crew takes limited budgets and creates memorable, effective videos from them. Cordero is more focused on telling a story than he is about making these rappers seem like they're more than people - and during the harsh economic times that the music industry and the country are facing right now, this is exactly what's needed. At its barest core, Hip Hop can be executed by a beatboxer with a hard surface (pause) and an emcee rhyming - and I think that Rik takes a similar approach to his projects.

2. A Wide-Ranging Clientele - Another reason that Cordero is so effective is the long list of artists he works with. He'll work with major label superstars like Nas and Busta Rhymes, and indie staples like Royce Da 5'9" and The Roots. As unifying as Hip Hop can be (especially internationally), we all know that this culture and this industry can be amazingly cliquish and polarizing with the differences between sub-genres, fan bases, and resources. Rik Cordero doesn't let bullshit get in the way of making quality product, and I feel that his broad way of thinking is exactly what Hip Hop needs if it wants to continue to grow.

3. The Combo of Versatility and Loyalty - Rik Cordero doesn't only direct Hip Hop videos. He's got two feature films - Mend and Inside A Change - under his belt, and he's directed a couple rock videos as well. He admits that he enjoys feature films because they're more challenging, but that Hip Hop still has his loyalty, even if it burdens him with a stigma as merely a "hip-hop director." As he said in my interview: "Am I going to do mainstream videos? Probably, because I have to pay the bills. ... Being around in the 90s and being a DJ, it feels good to know that I'm contributing something [to Hip Hop], because I love it so much." Doing things outside of Hip Hop and still feeling a loyalty to it will both help Hip Hop grow from within, and help it grow from outsiders who get into Hip Hop after enjoying his other projects.

from www.hiphopdx.com



Back to our roots, Be on the lookout for the winter/Fall '09 outerwear. Crew Sweaters, zip-up sweaters, new designs..Time to blow up!


Lost Wages..

Magic fashion and apparel tradeshow 2009..

Las Vegas the city that never sleeps,  filled with smoke filled casinos, endless seafood buffet joints, and with one quarter you can be an instant millionaire. Cukui will be in Las Vegas, NV from February 16th-18th... All in on black! 


Free Shipping!

Free Shipping for a limited time only! Its like christmas all over again..


In and around the town..

Make sure to check out City Hall on fourth street and San Fernando/Santa Clara in San Jose,CA. The bike show gallery is a celebration of cycle art and culture. The Shorty Fatz fam is in the building..


Clout Magazine & Todd Bratrud T-Shirt Preview..

Here is a sneak peak of the Todd Bratrud limited edition Clout Magazine #11..This issue will be released with a limited edition T-shirt...On the cover of this issue, you will find a pin-up lizard girl unmistakably illustrated by the legendary skateboard artist Todd Bratrud.

More info and updates will be coming soon, so in the mean time subscribe and get your copies delivered directly to your front door. Shout out to Chris and the Clout Fam!




Clothing line of day, BLACK SCALE.. As previewed some days back, San Francisco-based Black Scale recently launched a special edition run of t-shirts exclusive to retailer Karmaloop. Garnering much success since their debut a few seasons ago, Black Scale continues a push for supremacy amongst the streetwear elite. The collection will feature mainly black and white prints on various color choices, while implementing their new letter logo on the sleeves. Shout out to Mega, Alfred and Alex @ blackscale..



Track bike trick sessions..

A short film dedicated to fixed gear scene by our good friend Xian. Music by Rey..


Another satisfied customer..