Jam packed Weekend

 This weekend was a memorable one. Sunny days in the bay , and alot of runnin' around.
One of the first things I had to get done was for an art show at Sake Koji Lounge in downtown SJ. Started off painting the background with calligraphy letters, then Chris and I through on the tribal top layer. I figured the painting was big enough for the wall and it turned out a bit smaller than I hoped for. But it ended up working out. Got the piece in there for first fridays art walk.    

Then off to Santa Cruz. I had to go fishing. Jae, my pops, and I havent gone in a while. We casted off the piers near the boardwalk. It was a real chill day, hooking the anchovies, and eventually catching nothing! lol, oh well, on to the next...Grabbed some lunch took a nap and headed back.

Didn't see the sign...

The pit bulls of the sea

Then SF Bound

Gout in full effect!

My Love of Letters.

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