My Aloha Fam

At Fitted Honolulu, dropping off the collab shirts we did with them, dropping soon...
look out for it! 

Haliewa, North Shore with all my folks...headed to Ehukai beach, then to Darma Initiative! lol

Miss Amanda, my lil sis, grindin' on some snacks...at Soul Signature Tattoo

Moonlite sessions, off to get some food, got the munchies...

peep the teeth!

Super Dolphin dives! My big belly helped the lift, but I was still touching the sand, lol..
Lucky got some air, i think I just fell sideways! 


San Jose signify.

Come and join us at imagiNATIVES. We will be showcasing art & photos from Sam Rodriguez, Orly Locquiao, Sean Boyles, Dee Jae Paeste, Kenta Shimbo, NOA, James Garcia, Gem Mateo with a live art session from the HB crew.

Goods from Shorty Fatz, GEMS, Konscious Klothing, Sean Boyles, JRG Photography, The Art of Paperfolding. 

Live music:
Dj Dranal
Troy Joseph Curtis

Friday. August 6th, 2010 - 8PM
South 1st Billiards
420 South 1st Street
San Jose, CA
21+ | Free Admission

Come out and support! 


Living the dream.

Pictures of the day. Enjoy!


Inkin' up Chris from Karmaloop

Getting inked. Met up with Chris from Karmaloop / Kazbah... Super cool cat, he wanted to get a new tattoo a chest rocker, some reverse script on his upper chest. Chilled with him for a bit grabbed some sweet aloe juice from the Japanese grocery store and showed him a sneak peak at the cukui store.

Have a safe flight back to Boston homie and take care of your tattoo... Thanks again to Ryan from Breezy for linkin' us up! Good lookin' lil bro!



Paintin' session...

Much respect to Aaron for rockin the office wall in the store. Marsh ink vapors filled the room and brought back memories of huffin the smells from nights past. Sam also painted the back walls and the bathroom window. Had to get them in before the Japanese Obon Festival this weekend. We are almost fininshed, getting the minor details done and the rest of the inventory, and the new line exclusively for  the store. Aug. 13 is coming up, and trying to add the last bits of flava... 


Summer Breeze.

Clothing line of the day! Flying Coffin. Presenting another graphically-intense collection of t-shirts and accessories to mark its 2010 summer collection. Featuring the iconic imagery that has become a signature of the brand, additional items include skate decks and hats. Available now at select Flying Coffin dealers worldwide. Check it out!


Little bit of this and little of that...

Karl from Hay-stack. Hoping to do a body suit on this cat. Gyeah!

Hanley with the Knuckle Rockers

Melly Mel Gettin some new ink from Bong
from Honolulu.

At the Sacramento Tattoo Convention. All the crew from Hawaii, 
New Zealand met up and laid down some ink for the nor cal locals. Always Good times.

Independence day.

After a couple months of development, long hours of design the Cukui storefront is finally opening. Mark your calendar this will be a day to remember. Stay posted on what we have in store for you. pz!

229 Jackson Street
San Jose, CA 95112

Details in the following weeks.