HB Tattoo Art Show!

Humble Beginnings Tattoo Art Show
1411 West San Carlos Street
San Jose, CA

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail..


Support the local bboy scene..

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Reason 2 Rock Bboy event.
Milpitas Sports Gym
1325 E. Calaveras Blvd
Milpitas, CA

Music provided from
Philtered soul & Trademark
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Dime Piece..

Shop of the day. 5&A Dime. Located in sunny San Diego serving urban/streetwear clothing, kicks and accessories. Dope in-house brand, Nice theme, great quality. Recommended boutique in San Diego..



Analog Bloodwork Sleeves Catalog!

Analog tattoo will be releasing its Bloodwork sleeves catalog. The project goal is to document, exhibit, and publish full sleeves by the world tattoo community (WTC). We got a teaser of the catalog and here is a preview of what you will be expecting.. Nonetheless Orly of CUKUI Reppin...



Agenda Tradeshow..

San Diego, filled with endless beaches, 70 degree weather and good people. Representing Cukui at the agenda tradeshow..



Coming straight out of east side san jose. After numerous competitions, the Headhunters crew has crowned themselves as battle kings. What started off as a small crew with kids from the same high school, expanded into an international phenomenon. Everyone differs in character, but what always binds them together is their love for b-boying. The mentality of going nowhere but the top is shared within the group. Still young, still hungry, you can catch them wherever there is a hot circle..


Purist x HomeRoom: The ‘94 Dream Team

Support the local boutiques in San Jose..
Purist Boutique
66 South 1st Street
San Jose, CA 95113


Jun Jo, who is the co-founder and marketing director for one of our favorite brands...In4mation. Here are some of the answers some of you have always wanted to know from the people behind the respected brands:

Please tell us a bit of who you are and what In4mation as a brand stands for?
We started right after 9/11 as a hardgoods skateshop on Oahu, Hawaii with the idea of bringing in brands that represented the lifestyle that we were all into then. It was a small shop with the family feel that we instill in our business till this day. Soon our instore tees grew into a full brand. As the brand has been growing so has the Ohana (family in Hawaiian) and that’s something we’re so thankful for everyday we’re here. We have such wide variety of talented people from all corners of the world working with us on the growth of In4mation.

In what respect do the accessories play into the whole branding and retail?
For us the accessories is an extension of what the brand represents which is clean design with a story behind every piece. It all intertwines from what the creative minds of Rhandy Tambio , Elska Sandor and Saviour Sanquiche , a lot of what they put out comes from their everyday life experiences and that translates out on to our clothing. That’s why there is a feeling from our clothing as it comes from something and not just made up.

What are the hardest challenges you and your team have encountered retail and wholesale?
There’s different challenges everyday with both retail and wholesale but they are things we have been prepared for and nothing that we can’t handle. Everyone behind both retail and wholesale side have been way more than capable to handle anything that comes our way.

All we do here is work incredibly hard and that’s all you can ask for this day and age. Work hard and hope for the best.

What can we expect out of In4mation camp in the year of 2009 and future?
Pretty much our whole idea when we started is to help as many people as we can. As the brand has been growing so has the opportunity to help more people. Our whole idea is the more friends you got the better life is. We have some projects coming down the line and the In4mation line has been getting better and better, that’s something that were proud of. Another thing that were proud of is the opening of our new skateshop last week. Its something that the guys here and in new york live and breath.

For those that want to start a retail and brand what top 3 advices would you give them?
Treat your customers as how you would want to if you walked into a store.
Be realistic.
Work hard. The harder you work the more your gonna get out of something.

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.Random fixed gear shop in nyc.

New York artist and graphic designer Earsnot, we’re given a glimpse into the life of the man behind IRAK as well as some of his philosophies on life..Not to mention, Alife co-owner..


Means of transportation..

Lets visit one of the main people behind the mask of CUKUI..


Step your game up!


KICKS / Hawaii

Store of the day..KICKS/HI, since September 2001, has been one of the premier go-to sneaker boutiques in the world. Firmly rooted in island lifestyle and culture, the KICKS/HI brand communicates this standard season after season. Over the years, the popularity of KICKS/HI has attracted high profile collaborations with Nike, Converse (Product Red), Stussy, Vans, Hurley, and Burton amongst countless other industry leaders. YOU KNOW WHERE WE STAY, a KICKS/HI mantra ~ Hawaii all day, everyday.

Check out there new store in Guam!


At the movies

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Agenda 2009.. San Diego!

The Agenda trade show is a forum for the most inspired in the streetwear and action sports industries to unite.
Agenda, the alternative clothing trade show has expanded from a single event to four shows in two cities. Agenda’s blend of bold, innovative designers, clothing and footwear have attracted buyers from cutting-edge boutiques on both coasts, Tokyo, London and chains of all sizes, in discovering the next wave of labels.