Rey Resurreccion - King of the Town

Another San Jose Anthem holding it down for 2011.Directed byMr James Garcia of  JRG Photography. 


Cukui Contest: Tag You're It!

Beginning February 1, 2011, we'll be hosting the TAG YOU'RE IT! contest. Every month, Cukui will be giving out a FREE TEE to the winner who tags us on facebook reppin Cukui. Whether its you or someone you know wearing Cukui gear, placing a Cukui sticker on something dope, getting someone famous to wear it, or anything Cukui, you just might get a free tee sent your way! Submit your photos by tagging us on facebook, posting on our wall or emailing us at contest@cukui.com. Winners will be announced at the beginning of each month. Contest ends December 31, 2011. 

Here are some of our favorite tagged photos from our Cukui fans:

Marlene loves her boys and she also loves gearin them up with Cukui shirts!  

Lucky from Hawaii doin the ugly face.

Our favorite local San Jose DJ's always showing the Cukui love. Dj Rcade, DJ SmoovGroovs and DJ Shea.


Our boy Ferrer wearing the Tribal Cukui shirt.

Little man wearing the Hijos de Cukui shirt!

Where's Danny? Lol

Angry Woebot strollin the Chinatown streets of Honolulu.
 Bambu wearin the Day at the Barbershop tee.

DJ Cutso of the Bangerz at Doin in the Park in SF.

Why buy the Native Sharks tee when you can get it inked by Orly

Little Apache rockin his exclusive toddler Lucky Cat tee

 Dave gettin his daily dose of Pho while wearing the Pho Life tee
We definitely can not read Japanese, but we're happy to know that our Japanese brethren got love for the Cukui x Punk Drunker bomber jacket

If you came out to our launch party in November 2008, you might remember this.

 Cukui mayne!



Santa Cruz/Capitola, Flea Market day

When you need inspiration for a new year you gotta get to the flea market. Its jam packed with goodies! Haha, you see the wildest things and throwbacks that will jog your memory back to the less stressfull days, childhood. Santa Cruz/ Capitola Flea Market by far has the most diverse and eclectic assortment of eye candy. Inspiration at its best....


Daily Doses

Sometimes when your filling up at the gas station , or just people watching , you see some funny stuff, or read weird things. Here are some of the daily laughs and some tattoo work I try to capture on the daily...enjoy

Caedmon Cerezo, rockin' the snapback, at 10 months...

I saw this , and I was like...Gotta Have it! Point 5 more Octane! Now thats a deal!

My 9 to 5, actually my 11am to 8...

Dee Jae and Sefa Samatua (painting) working on a live painting at Voodoo SJ.

My good friend Blakes and Serenity's wedding in Costa Rica...

My 51 chevy, sold and sent off to Hawaii. Take care of her Bong! Cant wait to see it again...
Chopped, bagged, notched, clipped and shipped!