Bloodworks, Book Release Party

Sleeve by Orly of Humble Beginnings Tattoo &
Cukui Clothing, collector Gerard Cacho

Orly and Adrian Lee (Analog Tattoo Studio)

Meeshy and Inma

Some of the Hoopla before the San Jose Tattoo convention was the Bloodworks book release party held at Anno Domini.  Tattooers from all around the world came to show love and support....Adrian Lee from Analog Tattoo studio made it all possible. His vision and attention to detail made the book in a class of its own. Thanks again Adrian!


Holiday Drop!

Greetings. Winter is around the corner and its about that time. Check it out, limited edition crewneck sweaters.  Take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders!


Functional timeless pieces.

Clothing line of the day! Swagger Co. Lets jump ten years forward, breeding style daily..Swagger Co. Japan. Remember our steez comes from overseas.  Japanese streetwear label Swagger have uploaded their latest lookbook for their 2009 Fall/Winter Collection entitled “TOKYO is YOURS”. The range is obviously inspired by Tokyo streetwear, which itself actually incorporates a lot of western styles (spot the Coca Cola branded items). The styling is both eclectic and audacious – a refreshing look at what can be done with Fall/Winter apparel.


Be Easy.

In and around town! Adequate Ventilation. Nov 6th, from 7pm-12am Gift 2 Gab Gallery will be having a art show presenting new art work from Doper, Glare, Dole, Force129, Doc,I-Ball, Truens, Girafa and Zeno. Live Music, drinks and fun. $5 @ the door.

Gift 2 Gab Gallery
190 Martha St.
San Jose, CA 95122


Cause and effect.

We are proud to announce a collaboration between 4 of San Jose's finest brands. Not only to promote growth between the brands but to give back to the community. San Jose brand Breezy Excursion invited us to take part in a collaborative t-shirt alongside San Jose's Halloway, Clout Magazine and Bicycle innovators Shortyfatz. We'll keep you updated with all the details including an official drop date, presale info, and the location to the release party. All the proceeds from the t-shirt and the event's door collections will all go to the Air Systems Foundation, Inc. This non-profit organization will benefit children's programs and charities throughout Santa Clara County. (Bay Area, CA)

Check it out!


Full Circle.

Its been almost a year since we dropped the clothing line, and the design has come in full circle. Its time for a new change and a new direction. This is our lifestyle and we want to bring it to the table and serve you up some of our life on a platter. Our roots stem from graffiti and eventually branched out into tattooing and bike building . Now its clothing for the people that support the art that we cherish and respect. The spring/summer 2010 line of shirts is going to jumpstart our company and show and prove the illustration, design and photography skills we have under our belts. all day everyday..Peace and Blessings. 

Thanks for the on going support from our friends/family..take one step at a time, more to come. watch out.


Greetings san jose.

Rebel 8 has paid homage to city of San Jose. End of this month, Mike Giant will have a live installation at the San Jose Tattoo Convention. There are only 168 of these made that will sell for $20 at the show onlyNot to be missed, Check it out. 

San Jose Convention Center
150 W. San Carlos, San Jose CA

Friday - October 31 5pm-11pm
Saturday - October 31 11am - 11pm
Sunday - November 1st 11am - 6pm

Clout around town.

Elm Company CLOUT fitteds! We recently teamed up with ELMCOMPANY and together will be releasing the "Original Clout Logo" & the "Classic Clout Header" fitted caps in three colorways. These caps will be available exclusively through CLOUTONLINE with the official release date being Oct 30th 2009!

The mighty mos def.

Lets follow the mighty mos def.


The midway cap.

Hat of the day! Two weeks ago, we traveled down south to visit the homies at 5&Adime, they revealed the midway cap. Here is the insight on this piece. The design is inspired by the U.S.S. Midway, a US Naval aircraft carrier that was stationed in Yokosuka Japan for 17 years and subsequently returned to the San Diego Bay for decommissioning. A tribute to the US Naval Carrier, only 72 pieces were made in the US with 3 different colorways. Don't judge its appearance as a ordinary cap, small details including the japanese sun under the brim..genius! 

5&ADime hooked up with 7Union to make this remarkable hat.


diamonds are forever.

The Unpolo Collection. Diamond supply co. is known for the tiffany dunks.. The croc skin leather + tiffany color scheme took the world by storm. This collection includes a lineup of Un-Polo logo varsity jackets, cardigans, fitted caps, crewnecks, and shirts. Check out the Holiday 2009 collection soon to be released in the next couple of months. Check out Diamond Supply Co. website for more info.



Shop of the day! Purist Boutique. Lets travel to a place not to far from us. Where city life is vibrant,  the homeless dwell, pigeons flock from the first sight of food and parking definitely sucks..also known as downtown san jose.

Purist was founded on the idea that maintaining satsified customers is essential to there success. A hop, skip and a jump away from the heart of downtown san jose..what up kevin and marco!

66 S. 1st St.
San Jose, CA 95113

Ferrer. Broakland. Cukui.

Music by Rey-r.com


Special Delivery.

Special Delivery! Cukui is now selling at In4mation. Hawaii Bound.
1050 Ala Moana Blvd # 1310
HonoluluHI‎ - (808) 597-1447

In4mation Pearlridge
98-1005 Moanalua Road #823
Aiea, Hawaii 

Aloha Army
226 Lewers Street #L206
HonoluluHI‎ - (808) 923-0888

State of mind.

Sticker Bombin. Coming to a area near you, did you know they are FREE.
Email us: cukuiapparel@gmail.com

Short days, long nights.


Follow your own path.


When gas is high.

Fixed gear bikes of the day. Bikes a big part of our lifestyle, our good friends at Shorty Fatz & Phil wood just landed at Interbike last week, showing off there timeless bikes. 

Simplicity with solid colors.

For October, Vans keeps there classic releases just that, classic. Amongst the newly released colors are simple versions of their 106 and Authentic as well as a suede Era. Loving the new colors..