Swype x Cukui Whole Train

Late night sessions...Another damp and cold night in the bay. It was time to put some paint on some steel. We started the walk toward the holy rollers, two Ladders and several bags of spray paint are carried to the spot.  My eyes slowly adjusting to the dark night,  nervousness and paranoia started to set in. Swype finds the perfect train and the mission begins.

Night workers were about 200 yards away, bats flying through the air and every noise that pierces the silent night gives me the jitters.  Five hours and 30 minutes it took to paint this beast, silver fill, black outline, green and pink 3-D, and a white border. 

This is what I miss about night missions, going to the yard and painting steel, knowing that the train will soon be leaving to a destination not known to you, but it will be seen by thousands of people. This freight was dedicated to all the writers that we grew up with and the graffiti writers that paved the way. Much respect to Swype and IFUL

Available online and at the Cukui store.

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