This past Friday's Chomp event was a great ending to summer 2010. There was much to inhale and exhale since we opened our store a little less than a month ago. A big part of Cukui couldn't have been possible without our family from Humble Beginnings Tattoo Studio. The inspiration, the support, and the foundation that has grown from this shop is only part of what makes Cukui.... Cukui.

Along with the release of our new "Chomp" shirt, our humble brethren's and extended hb fam exhibited their version of a shark. Most of the artwork was for sale and customer's were eager to get these in their own hands. The showcase also featured one of twelve sharks that was exhibited in 2001 by a city sponsored event called SharkByte. The six-foot "sushi shark" that sits in front of our store was made by artist D. Wright. This piece of history happened to be tucked away in the back of our store for the last few years before we moved in. Nonetheless, we were pretty stoked to find something as cool and unique here.

Thanks to everyone that came out to support, especially to SmoovGroovs for providing the music. The Chomp show will only be up for the next couple of weeks (until October 1st), so make sure to check it out soon.
"San Jose Tribal Shark"
Limited Prints For Sale

"Teal Town"
Roberto Cervantes
Limited Prints For Sale





Chris Gonzales

Blake Brand



Chris Gonzales + Los

Steve Caballero


Cory Good Morning

Roberto Cervantes

Abraham Ortega

Dee Jae Pa'este


Steve Caballero with his son Caleb


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