Keeping on the Path...

Keeping on the path. Its funny how things in your life turn out sometimes. Its really funny how cukui came about. It all started with a bike idea, I wanted to  get into another venture, another way to express my ideas, whether it be on  bikes, cars , or clothes, I needed another outlet..

14 years I have been in this tattoo hustle, tattooing from west side Chicago, crazy Waikiki, to New Zealand, and recently home of the headhunter, Borneo. I figure I cant tattoo forever, my canvas that is living tissue only lasts for a lifetime. I needed to make another mark.. A way that I still can hit the masses and keep our art runnin'..

 Its only been a couple years since the birth of the brand, and it has come so far. I wasnt really sure where it was headed, and now I can see partially into the windows future. San Jose has always been home to me, from all points. Its where cukui was born...now this little beast has a new home....Historic San Jose Japantown, we just signed and we are going to start the buildout. Its a humble start, 700 square feet, across Hukilau and next to State of Grace...Time to make moves and time to rep where we came from and where WE are headed. 
Much respect and Love to the folks that are involved in making Cukui what it is. In one simple and foundational word...